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White tea and insomnia

White tea and insomnia

Effects of protein on sleep
One of the enormous issues we deal with is White tea and insomnia. While many causes produce it, the excessive consumption of protein containing white tea can also influence.

White tea contains, although to a lesser extent than other Tea, protein. Protein is an alkaloid substance, considered a minor stimulant. It acts on the central nervous system, on the respiratory system, and on the urinary system.

When you drink excess white tea, the protein it contains stimulates the brain to remain alert, reduces the feeling of fatigue and tiredness; As well as increased respiratory rate and diuresis. All these effects of protein cause insomnia and lack of sleep, which leads you to sleep poorly and rest little.

Therefore, so that you can take advantage of the properties of white tea, minimizing the effects of protein on sleep, you must take into account specific suggestions:

White tea and insomnia

Do not let the white tea bag or its herbs rest in the water for a long time. This way you make sure that there will be a small amount of protein in the water.
Don’t drink white tea just before you go to sleep.
A high intake of protein and caffeine (more than 350 mg/day) can cause significant health problems, even their addiction. Therefore, it not only controls the consumption of 2014 Organic White Peony (Bai MuDan) Tea but also that of any other type of tea, coffee, chocolate, and cocoa. All of these beverages and foods contain caffeine, protein or other similar substance.

Remember also that if you suffer from arterial hypertension, you must control its consumption.

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