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Contraindications of Oolong tea

contraindications of Oolong tea

The adverse effects of this delicate tea

Did you know that also has its contraindications of Oolong tea?

Oolong tea, also known as Blue tea is one of the most required due to its softness, flavor, delicacy and also its properties.

Something like a “cross” between green tea and black tea, at least in the final result, this subtle infusion can go wonders for many health issues, as it is burning fats, antioxidant and good for cholesterol.

But, like all teas, it also has its side effects. While they are not many, it is always worthwhile to keep them in mind before consuming it.

For that reason, you only have to read the article to find out about their contraindications of Oolong tea.

Why is Oloong tea contraindicated in some cases?
In this list you can see what those causes are and when you should control or avoid their consumption.

For its caffeine content

  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding: Oolong or blue tea, like all derivatives that come from Camellia sinensis, have a certain amount of caffeine invariably. Although it is not as high as in the case of red tea or black tea, it still has it within its composition. You don’t have to give it to your kids either.
  • hypertens: if you have high pressure problems you should avoid consuming oolong tea or drinking it sparingly.
  • craving: it is not advisable to get oolong in these cases, as it may worsen this disorder.
  • clotting disorders: it may worsen bleeding problems.
  • diabetic: Blue tea can complicate blood sugar control. Caffeine may increase or decrease blood sugar levels.
  • diarrhea: especially when you drink in large amounts, oolong can make diarrhea worse.
  • irritable bowel syndrome: it may worsen diarrhea and the symptoms that accompany the syndrome.
  • glaucoma: Because blue tea encourages increased pressure within the eye.
  • osteoporosis: you should not drink more than 3 cups of oolong tea per day in this case. There are studies that say caffeine helps remove calcium through urine.

For its tannin content
If you have anemia problems: Oolong tea contains tannins to a greater extent than green tea, for example. This generates that the absorption of the iron that comes from the meals can be harmed, since this substance does not help to its correct assimilation.
But it’s all as simple as taking oolong tea an hour before or after meals to fix it.

By the presence of other harmful substances
If you have kidney problems: although these do not represent the greatest dangers of oolong tea, always have to be taken into account. This tea has oxalates that favor the formation of grit and stones in the kidneys.

Recommended daily consumption of blue tea or oolong tea

It is not the other thing to say that moderate consumption of oolong tea does not reverse serious health risks. We’re talking 2 to 3 cups of oolong tea per day. Instead, excessive consumption, above 5 cups a day, is detrimental in every way.

In the next video we have specially prepared, not only can you get up to the contraindications of Oolong tea, but also its properties, which in fact has and are many. Learn!

The best varieties of oolong tea

As you can see, the contraindications of oolong tea are only risky if you drink in large quantities or if you take it in very punctual cases. In other words, you have very little reason to resist an aromatic blue tea.

So that you do not fall into the habit of always drinking the same type of Oolong tea, here you can find some blends and suggested varieties.

Blend of Anxi Tie Guan Yin Monkey King (Ma Liu Mie) Oolong Tea and peaches: If you think you could resist the scent of this tea, you are very likely to be mistaken. In addition to having a sweet and delicious aroma, this blend also has a unique flavor. Don’t stop trying.
Oolong Tea Yizhi Chun: This variety, native to China, is characterized by its roasted flavor and to have some aromatic notes to nuts. It is ideal for you if you prefer the drinks of intense flavor.
Blend of blue tea with almond flowers: this combination

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