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Blend of Oolong and peaches, an unbeatable combination

Blend of Oolong and peaches, an unbeatable combination

A delicate and fruity mixture
Would you like to try one of the most popular oolong blends? Then it touches that you give a chance to this mixture where it with the aroma of that fresh fruit called peach.

For sure, Oolong tea is a variety that lends itself a lot to make blends or blends with fruits, flowers, herbs and so on. This particular taste that has, like halfway between a good green tea and black tea, make it possible to play a little with aromas and flavors.

One of the most popular mixes currently with Oolong and peaches . Whether it be small chips of dried fruit and a little essence that usually help to accentuate aromas, they end up combining a delicious blend.

What features you have and how to use Oolong and peaches
It is a super fruity tea, where the more beautiful strands of oolong with dried peach chips. It also tends to carry an additive of essential oils from the fruit.

There are also varieties of this class where they add chrysanthemum flowers to deepen. And there are other fruits of the same characteristics, like apricots. If you can’t get it, try getting the ingredients and putting together your blend.

Prepare your oolong and peaches
Do you want to dare with a recipe of Oolong and peaches but different? Then do not miss this recipe, ideal to make cold.

Two tablespoons of a good oolong
Three cups of water
A cup of peach juice
Peach wedges
A few sprigs of mint


A place to heat the water until it reaches a temperature of about 80 °. Prepare the Oolong tea, leaving it to rest for about 4-5 minutes, so it is stable. Let it cool down.
In a jug, place some sprigs of mint and abundant ice. Add the tea, the peach juice and mix well. Finish the decoration with a few wedges of the fruit. Serve and enjoy very cold.

Other blends and varieties of Oolong and peaches

Want to know more oolong varieties and blends to discover? That won’t be a problem. There are many great styles you can turn.

Yizhi Chun from Fujian. In this region of China, there is one of the most reputed and curious varieties of Anxi Tie Guan Yin Monkey King (Ma Liu Mie) Oolong Tea. Every once in a while, he appears spinning and can get it.
Oolong Milk from Taiwan. A Taiwanese variety (and also China) that has the peculiarity of having a kind of dairy aftertaste. Attention: There are also those who give that flavor artificially.
Do not doubt that it is a variety close to green tea, super soft and vibrant. Ideal for those who like this kind of flavors.

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