The Yizhi Chun, a unique variety of oolong in its category

The Yizhi Chun, a unique variety of oolong in its category

A Simply spectacular tea
Although Yizhi Chun Oolong tea is not usually within the maximum considerations, it is very distinguished and valued by the experts of this style. Do you want to meet him? Then keep reading this note.

Oolong tea is one that concentrates more fanatics. It could be said, very roughly so, that it is an infusion halfway between a green tea and black tea. It is rich, aromatic, with very different flavors, always according to the type of oolong you’re consuming.

One of the varieties that may not have so much press, but that is very rich and distinguished is the Oolong Yizhi Chun. This tea native to Fujian, China, can be magnificent to explore a little bit more inside this tremendous Oriental tea variant.

How it and what features have Yizhi Chun tea
The Yizhi Chun is an oolong tea that can be more economical than other varieties of the same category, but also has an incredible value for money, as it is a very good quality product, obtained in the area of Fujian.

Yizhi Chun tea goes through a roasting and winding process, which ends up giving a different girth to the beverage. It is aromatic, with those toasted notes almost coffee and aromas of nuts. It is very rich to the palate, also releasing fruity flavors and, apparently, the presence of that toast.

To prepare it, it supports several infusions without any problem. A proper technique is to look a minute. It starts for a minute at the first infusion and ends with four. The water at about 80 ° will be perfect to enjoy this oolong in all its splendor.

What time of day is appropriate
Maybe it’s not a tea to drink at any time of the day. For its toasty flavor and flavor characteristics, it can come in good for breakfast, even for the afternoon, when you need something rich and despabilante. The truth is, you shouldn’t stop trying it.

Other varieties of Oolong tea

Is not the only oolong variety we have talked about in Teabeau. You can know many others that will be of interest if you read these recommendations.

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