Oolong with almond flowers, an aromatic and seductive blend

Oolong with almond flowers, an aromatic and seductive blend

A delicious blend for your senses
Do you know the almond blossoms? They are those beautiful buds that come out to the almond trees and that are collected to combine in a delicious blend like the one that you will learn to prepare them. Don’t miss it!

Do you want to discover a great blend of oolong tea with almond flowers? Well, it’s a real treat and a combination that you can’t overlook. For that reason, do not miss to know this exceptional blend, where it with the always exciting oolong tea.

How to prepare the blend of Oolong tea and almond flowers


  • 50 grams of good quality oolong tea
  • 50 Almond Flowers


To make this blend you only have to mix a rich oolong that you can get with a considerable amount of almond flowers. About 4-5 outbreaks per service will be perfect.
At the time of use, calculate about two tablespoons of the blend for each teapot of about a liter you want to prepare. The water will have to go about 80 ° and the infusion time goes from 3 to 4 minutes. Like, you know, you can regulate it at your whim.

Blend of Oolong tea and almond flowers: When can you take it?
Oolong, a semi-fermented tea, it is located halfway between green tea and black tea (to simplify things), combines wonders with these almond buds, so aromatic and gentle, generating a masterful infusion, with a lot of flavor and aroma. Ideal to surprise a guest.

Almond blossoms are very delicate, aromatic, and dry, dehydrated. They generate a pleasant aroma and are very sensitive. You can also prepare them alone, on your own, using about five flowers per cup of tea, approximately. They are wealthy.

It is a tea perhaps for special moments, but you can also enjoy it a lot after eating and, why not, to get an aromatic and relaxing break halfway through the day. It’ll come in very well.

Other blends and varieties with Oolong

Oolong tea has many types and also has its combinations. You can learn more about them if you follow these recommendations that you will see below. Don’t miss exploring its fascinating world!

Oolong style Pouchong. Do you want to know a very particular style of this tea, fruit, and spring? Then do not forget to remember the Pouchong, one of the unique varieties of oolong.
Oriental Beauty Oolong Blend. Asian Beauty is a mixture of 5 types of oolong leaves, giving a remarkable flavor. It’s toasty and very concentrated.
Oolong Kuan Yin. Another great variety of Phoenix Dan Cong Guang Dong Oolong Tea can surprise you pleasantly. It has excellent properties for your health, although sometimes it is difficult to get it.