Oolong Milk sophisticated variety Taiwanese tea

Oolong Milk sophisticated variety Taiwanese tea

Also known as Jin Xuan Tea
Oolong milk, also called Jin Xuan tea, is a native tea from Taiwan, which is the family of the Blues and is one of the most interesting in the region. Do you want to know him a little more? Do it by reading this note.

The tea produced in Taiwan is of excellent quality, no doubt about it. But, some varieties are more distinguished than others. is the case of Oolong milk, also known as Jin Xuan Tea or Nai Xiang.

Its particular flavor, with dairy leaves (hence its name), makes it a unique specimen, which is well worth knowing. Just keep reading.

Oolong Milk sophisticated variety Taiwanese tea

It all begins when you pick up the tea leaves and wrap them up, forming those perfect balls of rolled tea. Then, it to oxidation processes that confer that buttery flavor, similar to milk.

But attention. There are other variants today. To simplify the process and increase the flavor of milk, many soak the tea leaves in milk before toasting them.

Without a doubt, the most interesting, handcrafted and sought after are those that get that flavor to milk through the correct processes of oxidation, storage and so on.

What features is Oolong milk and how is it prepared
It is a tea that has the characteristics of oolong, but very gently. Its aroma is floral, very gentle. And his body is silky, velvety. It stands out that I leave buttery, milk that has this tea.

The natural is that, purer, with a balanced flavor and where each of its sensations does not cover each other. In the other, the character of the added milk ends up covering a little itself.

It’s straightforward to prepare. You only need pure water at about 80 degrees Celsius and about 3-4 minutes of infusion before Conusmirlo. The Oolong milk is a variety that resists several injections without a problem, always changing a little flavor as you move

Other varieties of Oolong
From now on, you have many types of Phoenix Dan Cong Guang Dong Oolong Tea that you can consume and get in your area. Do you want to know other styles? Try these.

They say he has aromatic notes of snuff and red berries.

Oriental Beauty. An oolong that through tea leaves bitten by a small Chinese lobster. Can you imagine? Super Artisan.
High-mountain Thai. One of the undisputed pearls of tea production in Thailand.