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What benefits to your health can you give each type of tea

type of tea

Tea lovers know how to enjoy each variety of tea and differentiate it by its aroma and color as well as its flavor. Perhaps, what they do not know is that each type of tea contains specific benefits for the treatment and healing of different conditions. Enter this article and discover how to take advantage of each variety.

For thousands of years in the East, tea has been considered key to the healing of different evils. Of such magnitude it has been this fact that has caused that the western world pays attention to him. Continue reading What benefits to your health can you give each type of tea

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Tea for sunburn on the skin

cold tea

The benefits of tea consumption are widely known. However, its medicinal properties are less widespread for topical use, especially on the sensitive skin and in particular, when summer arrives and expose your skin to sunburn.

Summer is here and what we most want is to go to beaches and pools to freshen up and get a nice tan. It is very important that we bring adequate sun protection to our skin and that we do not abuse exposure to the sun. Continue reading Tea for sunburn on the skin

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For cancer, green tea or white tea?

white tea

The medicinal properties of Camellia Sinensis are transferred to the different varieties of tea that are made from their leaves. White tea is the least processed of teas, will it be the one with the most properties?

Green tea is the most famous of all teas and owes its popularity to its many healing benefits that can provide health. Continue reading For cancer, green tea or white tea?

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Another study would say that tea helps lower blood pressure

blood pressure tea

Do not miss this good news!

For example, it can reduce up to 50 percent the likelihood of suffering from liver disease, is good for treating sunburn and can even work for the prostate. It may depend on the varieties you use and their preparation, but the truth is that their properties are unquestionable. And now they add more.

The professionals who carried out this study analyzed 25 trials that included the follow-up of 1476 people who drank tea for 12 weeks. There was an average reduction in systolic blood pressure of 2.6 mmHg and diastolic blood pressure of 2.2 mmHg. Continue reading Another study would say that tea helps lower blood pressure

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Do you know what chemical compounds make up the tea?

chemical compounds in tea

Perhaps, you have ever wondered who are responsible for the properties that tea possesses. In this article you will discover those enigmas …

Enjoying and savoring a cup of tea can have many meanings, for some people perhaps it is just a matter of drinking a rich beverage. On the other hand, for others, the medicinal properties that it possesses are already important. Continue reading Do you know what chemical compounds make up the tea?

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Pesticides in tea, subject of discussion


The FAO tea group met and there was no agreement on the maximum levels of pesticides and what substances can be used. Controversy continues.

And tea is not the exception, far from it. One perhaps sees only the full cup, but behind that there is a lot of work of all kinds.  Continue reading Pesticides in tea, subject of discussion

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Drink tea to hydrate yourself, is that correct?

drink tea

Tea is the second most consumed beverage around the world after water. Appreciated as much for its flavor as for its medicinal properties, it is present in most homes. But can it help hydrate your body or dehydrate it? Discover what is true in this article …

As you should know, water is one of the main components of the body and requires a continuous replacement. Is that water regulates body temperature, transports nutrients and oxygen in the blood, allows the excretion of waste products in the urine and feces. Continue reading Drink tea to hydrate yourself, is that correct?

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Drinking tea helps balance the five senses

drinking tea

If any other good property lacked tea is to serve to generate a total harmony on the organism, balancing the five senses. The Chinese use it millennially for those purposes. And they don’t go wrong.

Within the traditional culture of China, tea is seen as a link to spirituality, to the transcendence of the soul. This is why tea is typecast within what the Chinese call the doctrine of the medium. Continue reading Drinking tea helps balance the five senses

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Properties of tea against cancer

cancer tea

In recent years there have been a lot of benefits applicable to tea. Among the studies that have been carried out to know its properties, one finds that it has demonstrated its important capacity to prevent the cancer. Know how you can get there…

For a long time, the properties of tea have been extensively studied in relation to the important contribution it makes to the health of the human body. Continue reading Properties of tea against cancer

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4 tea stimulating components

4 tea stimulating components

Surely, whenever you think that tea helps you wake up, you remember caffeine. But, not only this substance is what causes the energizing and stimulating effect in tea. Discover in this article that other substances collaborate in it …

As you know, tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world, it is only surpassed by water. There are several reasons why people become almost fanatical about tea. Continue reading 4 tea stimulating components