2006 Ripened Cube Tuocha Pu Erh Mini Brick


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The Chinese word 福 (fú) means good luck and joy. From the shape of the tea cake, we can see its adequate tea product with intensive tea buds. Let this cute mini brick brings happiness and good fortune with you in the whole year.

This 2006 Ripened Cube Tuocha Pu Erh Mini Brick is the type of aged Pu-erh, made of mature Pu-erh leaves. When brewing with boiling water, the tea reveals a golden bright yellow liquid with its distinct fragrance pervading in the whole tea room. The fermentation also makes the Ripened Cube Tuocha can permanently. And the longer it is held appropriately, the richer and mellower the flavor will become, just like a fine wine. Because of the process of blending, the sweet softness of this tea is more apparent than other new Pu-erh teas.

Of the excellent quality for drinking and saving, ripened Pu-erh tea is likewise excellent for health. Besides, you will feel the sweetness for at least 15 minutes after tasting this tea.

2006 Ripened Cube Tuocha Pu Erh Mini Brick

  • The aged the better
  • Store in cool, dry place far from sunshine; keep aerated
  • Low caffeine (less than 10% of a cup of coffee).
  • Ying Pan Shan Tea Garden.
  • Yunnan large-leaf tea bush species.
  • Smooth and abundant, a complicated mellow earthy taste.
  • Dark red.
  • Earthy, aged fragrance.
  • Compressed into cubes sculpted with the character 福.
  • April 10, 2006.
  • Simao (Pu’er) City, Yunnan Province, China.

Recommend Developing Technique

Cup Method

Teacup: 12oz/ 355ml
203 ℉/ 95 ℃.
5g Tea.
Developing time: 3 – 5 mins

Chinese Gongfu Method

Gaiwan: 3.8 oz/ 110ml.
203 ℉/ 95 ℃.
10g Tea.
12 steeps: rinse, 10s,15 s,20 s,20 s,20 s,30 s,40 s,50 s,60 s,70 s,90 s,120 s.
Rinse time is around 5 seconds.

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Sample (2 pieces), 100g (3.5oz), 200g (7oz), 500g (17.5oz)


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