Menghai Golden Buds Tribute Ripened Pu-erh Cake Tea 2009

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Our previous 2009 Menghai Golden Buds Tribute Ripened Pu-erh Cake Tea was so favorite amongst Pu-erh lovers, but sadly it had been out of stock for a long time. The fresh leaves are from Fengqing large leaf types in Yunnan. Angel began to get in touch with the Pu-erh tea factories to find a premium raw product of Pu-erh loose tea and then pressed into cakes. While the factory pushed the cakes, Teabeau started to design the packaging tissue paper. When drinking it, the fragrance and taste stick around on your tongue, bringing the sweetness to your throat.

This tea was picked the one bud with two leaves selected in the spring of 2009 from Bulang Mountain large-leaf tea bush species as the raw material. We sorted the shoot tips (golden buds) to make tea after pile fermentation, so we called this sort of raw material as “palace grade basic material.” Typically to ensure the taste, when utilizing the palace grade primary material to make Pu-erh cake, another grade of raw materials will be combined. However, this cake is made of pure palace grade raw material and no matter on the surface or within this case, there are many golden buds, very genuine.  For the excellent tea friends who begin to drink Pu-erh tea or love the light taste, it is a great option.

Menghai Golden Buds Tribute Ripened Pu-erh Cake Tea 2009

  • The aged the better
  • Store in cool, dry location far from sunlight; keep aerated
  • Low caffeine (less than 10% of a cup of coffee).
  • Post-fermented.
  • Guy Xin Long Tea Garden.
  • Menghai large-leaf tea bush species.
  • Soft and smooth, slightly sticky with noticeable sweet.
  • Bright, intense crimson color.
  • Slight but consistent aged fragrant.
  • Little and splendid Pu-erh cake, slightly loose on edge, many golden or reddish brown tea buds on the surface and within the cube.
  • 200g.
  • One bud with two leaves.
  • Bulang Mountain, Menghai County, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province, China.

Recommend Developing Technique

Cup Method

Teacup: 12oz/ 355ml
203 ℉/ 95 ℃.
5g Tea.
Developing time: 3 – 5 mins.

Chinese Gongfu Method.

Gaiwan: 3.8 oz/ 110ml.
203 ℉/ 95 ℃.
10g Tea.
12 steeps: rinse, 10s,15 s,20 s,20 s,20 s,30 s,40 s,50 s,60 s,70 s,90 s,120 s.
Rinse time is around 5 seconds.

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Sample 10g * 2, 1 cake (200g), 2 cakes, 3 cakes, 7 cakes

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