Premium Jasmine Dragon Pearls Green Tea

Jasmine Dragon Pearls Green Tea


Jasmine Dragon Pearls Green tea is the representative of tea, it is fragrance fragrance of the drink, but also elegant art. Jasmine flowers white noble, fragrance quiet, near the summer Tu bud, into the night put incense, flowers incense to do. Tea can be full of flowers, to add tea flavor. Just put a glass of Jasmine Dragon Pearls, you can enjoy the fragrance of jasmine.

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Jasmine Dragon Pearls Green Tea shape round, white revealed, the shape of pearls; aroma fresh spirit, strong and lasting; soup color green and bright, taste fresh spirit. Brew a cup of fragrant jasmine tea, only need a few enough!


Jasmine and tea associated with marriage, can play Shugan eyesight, moisturizing beauty, clearing heat detoxification, Shuwei Zhili and so on. In addition to the medicinal efficacy of tea itself, the jasmine itself has a certain detoxification effect. Jasmine Dragon Ball, is a re-processing class of tea – finished tea with fragrant scenting system – the nutritional content of tea itself has been retained, but also increased the effectiveness of flowers.


Jasmine Dragon Ball with the processing of dry tea, and the budding jasmine flowers mixed scent system of re-processing of tea, its color, smell, taste, shape and the type of tea billet, quality and quality of flowers are closely related. Large jasmine tea to bake green tea as the main raw material, collectively referred to as jasmine baking green. The common features are: the shape of the cable tightly uniform, the color of dark brown oil, fragrant fresh spirit lasting, mellow taste fresh and cool, bright green soup color, soft and soft leaves at the end of tenderness.


Jasmine Dragon Pearls more use of tea representative color to do tea billet, the name of tea shape characteristics (such as flat-shaped, straight-shaped, curly-shaped), flowers are used in the quality of seasonal quarter jasmine, its representative color varieties Have:

Jasmine:Referred to as jasmine cents. Department of Fuzhou tea factory with Fuding white tea and other varieties of early spring buds specially made into billet, and double flap and a single valve jasmine cross heavy scenting. Cleansing system, “seven scent of a mention” made. Product appearance sprout fruity and re-real, tight symmetry, color yellow, full Phi silver cents, endoplasmic aroma fresh, the taste of concentrated alcohol, soup color yellowish, leaves the end of uniform light.

Tianshan silver cents: Fujian Ningde tea factory production, is awarded the title of the Ministry of Commerce quality products of special tea. Selection of high-grade Tianshan baking green tea and “three-volt” high-quality jasmine, according to the traditional process scenting system. Tea-shaped clenched evenly, white cents revealed, color green, transparent water, fragrant fresh spirit, leaves the end of tender and soft.

Jasmine Su Meng: Suzhou tea factory is the creation of special tea, was the Ministry of agriculture, animal husbandry and fisheries high-quality tea title. The tea used high-grade baking green tea and high-quality jasmine by “six scent one mention”, Seiko scent from the system. To the aroma of fresh spirit, taste mellow fresh and popular by consumers. Quality characteristics, the shape of the cable tightly straight, color green Run was cents, fragrant fresh spirit lasting, bright green soup color, taste mellow fresh cool, soft yellow leaves at the end.


Jasmine Dragon Pearls Green Tea is processed by the drying of tea, and budding jasmine flowers mixed scent from the re-processing of tea, the so-called mixed scenting system, is the flowers and green tea tea mix, in the static state of tea slowly absorbed Flowers, and then remove the flowers, the tea drying.
Drink jasmine tea, can help relieve tension, eliminate depression, as well as fat, bowel, appetizer effect.

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