Lu Shan Yun Wu Green Tea

Lu Shan Yun Wu Green Tea


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Lu Shan Yun Wu is a traditional Chinese tea, is one of the Chinese tea series, belonging to a kind of green tea. The first is a wild tea, after the East Lin Temple Monk Hui Yuan wild tea will be transformed into a family tea.

Began in the Han Dynasty, the Song Dynasty as “tribute tea”. Due to China’s Jiangxi Province, Jiujiang City, named after the Lushan.

Tea buds green run more than cents, the cable is beautiful and beautiful, aroma fresh and lasting, taste mellow sweet, bright and bright soup color, leaves the end of the green uniform. Usually use the “six absolutely” to describe Lu Shan Yun Wu Green Tea, that is, “thick rope, green and more cents, bright soup, leaves neure Qi, fragrant and durable, mellow and sweet.”

Yunwu tea unique flavor, due to the Lushan cool and foggy weather and direct sunlight and other short time conditions, the formation of its thick leaves, more than,

brewing method
First, the proportion of tea and water, roughly in the 1:50 that is 150 ml of water, with about 3 grams of dry tea.

Second, the general to 85 degrees is appropriate (water to boil a little cooling), so that the tea out of the soup in order to bright soup, mellow and sweet.

Third, the amount of tea under the circumstances, the number of brewing should not be more than three times, a leaching of about 50% of the soluble material; secondary leaching about 30%; three times, about 10% leaching.

Four, because Lu Shan Yun Wu Green Tea shape “fine line”, brewing when the “vote on the vote” better. That is, the first 85 degrees of water into the cup, and then take tea into. If you use the glass, you will see: some tea straight down, and some tea wandering slowly, and some of the leaves up and down, stretch swimming, this process, people call it “tea dance.” Soon, dry tea to eat enough water, and gradually expand the leaves, showing a bud and a leaf, and the water noodles with tea and water drops sandwiched.

Note: In general, Lu Shan Yun Wu Green Tea high concentration, the choice of large pots brewing, to avoid too thick tea. Especially in the clay pot, teapot is appropriate (remember that it is best not to cover the lid when the tea cover, may be tea mischief, where the nausea refers to the taste and aroma on the deviation. When filling the Lushan cloud tea weight accounted for about 20% of the body.

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