Premium Dragon Well Long Jing Green Tea


Dragon Well Long Jing Green Tea Flat smooth and straight, bright green and moist, fragrant fresh and fresh, taste new sweet glycol, leaves the bottom of the delicate flowers.



Dragon Well Long Jing, one of the top ten tea in China. Produced in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, West Lake Longjing Village around the mountains. But we Have a history of more than 1,200 years.

Dragon Well Long Jing, named after the Long Jing tea area in Dragon Well, Hangzhou, China. Want to the West Lake than the West, never Jia Ming like beauty.

Long Jing is both a place name and a string name and a tea name. Tea has “four absolutely”: color green, fragrant, sweet, beautiful shape.

Ching Ming Festival before the mining system Long Jing tea referred to as the former Long Jing, the name of daughter red, “the hospital outside the Dutch wind son laugh, Ming Longjing daughter red.” This beautiful sentence picturesque, called the West Lake Longjing tea beautiful picture. Set of famous mountains, famous temples, the famous lake, renowned spring and tea in one, a cup of Longjing tea, drink out of the world is rare and unique Longjing tea culture.

Qing Emperor Qianlong visits Hangzhou West Lake, praised Dragon Well Long Jing Green Tea, the lion peak mountain Hu Gongmiao before the eighteen tea tree called “imperial tea.” Dragon Well Long Jing by the shape and quality of the sub-sub-sub-1 to 8 level.

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